Cabin Rental

The cabins shown below come in many varieties. Each has a full bed, bath and housekeeping on the third day of our guest’s stay here at the Ranch. Other cabins are more spacious, from one to seven beds. It is up to the groups leaders to assign the cabins. If you are looking for a weekend away, check out the cottages located just up and over the property. We can offer fireplace cottages and cabins, we offer kitchenettes in the larger cabins and double rooms in others.

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Cabin 8

Also called the “Family Cabin.” It is beautiful inside with a cozy space for two adults and 2 kids. A full or queen bed, a bunk bed, full bathroom and cable television.

Cabin 15

Cabin #15 is the POOL VIEW PALACE. This unit is a 2 bedroom and can sleep up to 4 people. In the summer it offers a wonderful view the trees and just below is the pool.

Cabin 21

This is a darling cottage for a couple. This is suited for weekend getaways or an overnight at the lake.